5 Simple Tips for Writing Good Argumentative Essay Questions

6 Simple Tips for Writing Great Essay Questions

Writing a perfect essay is not always about knowing more about the subject. It is about unique writing in the form that will grab your audience’s attention and determine whether they will read your argumentative piece or not. Therefore, you have to ensure that each argumentative essay question you include incorporates a unique element to intrigue your readers. These tips will help you craft a perfect essay question that draws your readers’ attention.

4 Stages in Understanding Argumentative Essay Questions

Agreat argumentative essay question needs to be different from the other questions you have come across. As a beginner, it can be difficult to find the right examples to help you develop the perfect questions. For instance, you must ask yourself questions like:

  1. What is the purpose of your essay?
  2. What does the topic entail?
  3. What does the instructor want you to do?
  4. Who are the potential readers of your argumentative essay?
  5. Does your paper have an introduction?

The stage you play before your essay questions is to take a practical approach and prepare your work to gather information about the writing. As such, you must handle the essay content first before you begin the research. This saves you the trouble of writing in such an unnatural way. You will learn that the teacher wants you to start with an outline of your work, which works to keep your work organized and fixed in a systematic manner.

The next stage is to know the rules of argumentative essay writing. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my argumentative essay question informative?
  2. Is my question relevant to the topic?
  3. Does the question answer the question asked in the introduction section of the paper?

4 Tips to Use When Writing Your Argumentative Essay Questions

Since the assignment has not been released yet, some students do not know how to approach their essay question. Here are skills you can use to come up with an outstanding question that will compel the readers of your paper to read the entire piece:

  1. Analyze the question written about
  2. Pick one of the questions and determine whether the answer you give is relevant to the topic of your essay. Note the following:
  3. The themes addressed in the question
  4. What would your essay answer be if you asked yourself the question?
  5. Is there a need to evaluate the topic and its theme?
  6. What is the thesis of the essay? Is it right?
  7. Is the thesis independent from any supporting evidence or arguments in the essay?
  8. What flaw does the essay have? Are there any glaring errors?

The last stage is to follow up on your strategy and proofread the essay question. Be keen to follow the general structure of writing essays and check for the correct syntax and punctuation to be on the safe side. Finally, edit the final product, making sure the subject sentence is in the same position with the topic sentence, and other elements are consistent and present.

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