How to Draft a Quality Argument Essay Topic

How to Come Up with a Good Argument Topic

Are you unsure about how to handle your academic essay topic? It might be easy for you to joke around about your argumentative essay topic but you risk falling behind the other students in the class. For starters, many students do not consider the importance of a good topic for their essay papers. Besides, some may opt to use a general topic in their essay papers. This works well for the more general readers but it lessens the quality of the submitted essay. Let us try to look at a few an effective topic that should guide you when writing your essay assignment.

If you need help in coming up with a good argument topic, it would help if you had some assumptions. The first assumption is that the topic will guide the kind of approaches to take. On the other hand, the topic should guide your attention on the approach you will use in your argumentative essay. This article looks to help you make an argument topic that will matter in your essay writing.

How to Come Up with a Good Topic

Coming up with an argument topic for an essay assignment is more than selecting a single statement. Your topic has to depict an argument that will provoke an argument. The different types of arguments that you will want to prove in your argumentative essay include:

  • Credible – the topic has to be believable and a reliable statement of the topic.
  • Other-perspective – the topic has to depict an argument of another point of view that can be supported by a credible source.
  • Strong – the topic has to depict a fact that is unique or supporting the thesis statement.
  • Only-one-sided – the topic has to be factual only and a scenario that does not contradict the thesis statement. It can also depict two or more sides that help support the thesis statement.

Once you have a clear understanding of the kind of topic you should select, the next step will be planning how to come up with a catchy topic. You will not be wasting a lot of your time developing a good topic for your argumentative essay. As long as you have the motivation, you will find a topic that is both real and convincing.

Most students tend to focus on the topics at the end of the semester instead of coming up with ideas in the beginning. However, this can be detrimental to your essay’s quality. After all, the topic should guide you to come up with relevant information to support your stance. Consequently, it should also guide you on what to prioritize.

Choosing a Resilient Topic to Make Your Argument Essay

Another way to come up with a resilient topic is to consider a situation in which the topic did not change in the academic writing process. Look at a situation where the topic has stayed the same. You may end up with an argumentative essay with a shallow subject as opposed to an essay where it will either be a wide topic or one narrow. This will make the essay report readable, and you will still have a clear idea of how your essay is progressing in its development.

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