How to write a good argumentative essay

How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Guides and Tips

Writing an argumentative essay can be challenging for most individuals, let alone students who have no idea what to do. With this post, you’ll learn the basic formats for composing excellent papers by simply following our guides.

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essays are essays that aim to persuade the readers to adhere to a particular perspective. The main reasons for writing an argumentative essay are to persuade the readers to take an action or adopt a certain stance regarding a particular topic.

An argumentative essay can cover different themes or aspects. You might be required to address several issues related to a topic. As such, you must develop a well-thought-out essay to help you address all the issues within your domain of expertise.

Components of an Argumentative Essay

Before you even get to work on your essay, there are some requirements you must adhere to. This includes the format and structure you should use.

You must have an introduction that includes a hook that piques the interest of the audience. The introductory paragraph should have an exciting sentence that grabs the readers’ attention. Ensure the hook is either a great quote or a quote from an authority that contributes to your argumentative argument.

The introduction section should be representative of your argumentative essay’s topic. As such, you must expound on the main aspects that the readers should know about your topic before reading through your essay. Besides, the introductory section should highlight how your paper ties together all the related ideas.

The rest of the essay should continue to show your own perspective regarding the topic. From there, you can introduce new ideas that support your thesis statement. Ensure the arguments discussed in the paragraphs support your overall argument.

Also, an argumentative essay must have supporting data to back up your ideas. A great way of developing evidence in an argumentative essay is by including charts, tables, and other graphs. Include reliable sources of data that will prove to your readers that your ideas are valid. Ensure that you include the dates when you collected the data, its source, and the sources’ credibility.

How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay should be brief and concise. The reader should get the meaning from the introduction within the first or second reading. The introduction should leave a lasting impression to the readers by providing information they should know.

Before you start writing, you must ensure you understand the instructions given by the tutor. Remember, it is a requirement that the students must respond to the prompt they are presented with. So, ensure you are clear with the instructions provided.

After you are through with reading the prompt, you can start working on your essay. It is essential to have a clear understanding of all the sections of the essay before you begin writing. Doing so enables you to write a compelling piece that will earn you better scores. As such, students must be keen to understand every section of the essay.

Remember, you should never copy and paste someone else’s ideas in your essay. As such, you must go through the paper to look for any mistakes. Be keen to point out the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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