Introduction – Bachelor thesis

The Bachelor work comes at the end of the Bachelor program is therefore a very important event. And d ie introduction of a bachelor thesis is the the beginning of the work. Of course, one begs the question, what’s in the introduction? In this article we explain the M ETHODOLOGY the thesis and provide some good E ntroduction Bachelor working examples.

The aim of the thesis

F orschungsfrage the thesis comes in first place it depends on the subject of the work from -. Law, medicine, philosophy, Business Administration and so on – what the dissertation research question . Important is the thing with the B achelorarbeit Introduction length – exactly how long it should be


Read on to find out the answers to all questions to B achelor work Introduction .

The Introduction and summary

The introduction and summary of the most important components of your work or your report (almost the same rules apply here). Strive to make them perfect. Most teachers at the university begin the abstract, introduction and conclusions of a job, they move on to the main part. You should be especially careful in formulating these sections because some content overlap.

Specific rules

Some pretty specific rules exist (or technical report), you need to know in connection with the thesis. There are also some interesting guidelines that are good to know – the most important thing is to cut and paste text no. The copy and paste makes a bad impression.

Next you write these three theses / Report – Components last. Yes, that’s right – you have finally write the introduction and conclusion after someone has done all the work or the entire report. While some students write them still in its infancy, but they must be ready to write it again because they find out that they have to be completely rewritten anyway.

Your professors will be remember, if you just copy and paste text between them. As I said, that does not make a good impression. read many teachers bachelor theses and technical reports in the same series. they often read only the summary, introduction and conclusions!

The fact that they have to be written last can only mean one thing – they are often poorly written. Most people are tired of course, as they approach the end of such a large writing project. Do not forget that this is the sections that attract attention -. So they should definitely be the best part of the job

Below we provide a general overview of how to deal with these important topics. That is presented in the order in which they are written.

What part of the introduction?

The introduction of a successful thesis has four components:

  1. introduction provides a brief summary of previous research work on the subject.

Here we present an overview of the problem. They typically cite previous studies that have been carried out on the same subject and / or at this point, and it should reveal the gaping void in the knowledge that your brilliant research will fill.

If you are writing a thesis, you will need a detailed literature search with very specific details of all scientific or technical work that has been carried out to date. This literature review is generally in their own chapter, in particular for dissertations. In the introduction, a short overview is enough to create the need for your research.

  1. problem and the motivation of the work ahead.

The introduction tell the reader what is the theme of the work. Explain why this topic is important or relevant.

  1. is a map of the work.

The readers need to know what will follow and perceive the logic of your organization. You have to describe in a few sentences what this is all about the content of the dissertation.

  1. introduction outlines the goal and the specific purposes of your project.

This is in connection with the problem to be solved, or eliminate certain knowledge gap.

Many students list the specific objectives in point form. Sometimes they use a numbered list.

What do you never have to do!

You should never include any outcome or decisions in the introduction. You need to write good academic manner not reveal any information at the beginning. That is why it is called the “Introduction” – she introduces the topic, does not reveal everything


The purpose of this chapter, conclusions’ is to present a summary of the entire work or the report. It is similar to the abstract in this regard, with only one difference, but an essential. The abstract is about equally in all undergraduate work. By contrast, the chapter focuses conclusions primarily on the conclusions, results, and / or recommendations of the project.

The rules for the chapter, conclusions’:

You may not introduce new material in this chapter. You must have already written all presented in this chapter materials in the dissertation. You must be present there. As a rule, presents no figures or tables in this chapter. This is the so-called rule of thumb.

This is usually Conclusions – Chapter 3 to 5 pages long for most technical reports and bachelor theses. It would be longer in a doctoral thesis. You must have a paragraph or two for each chapter or major subsection. You should include the following typical data:

  • the purpose and the specific objectives of your project.
  • the theme or thesis and the need to work back before, but shorter than in the introduction;
  • the main findings and recommendations of your dissertation together. Give recommendations for future research.
  • approach – similar to the ‘roadmap’ in the introduction; However, in this case, the data repeat the methodology and the results.


What part of the “Abstract”? In short, everything can fit to the summary. Goal here is to present a summary of the entire work. In this context, the Abstract is the “Conclusions” section similar with the only exception that the summary is much shorter in general and the individual chapter will still the same.

Introduction of a bachelor thesis is the most important part. It must be underestimated under any circumstances, because it makes the difference between a good and a bad note.

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