What is an Argument Essay?

What is an Argument Essay?

Many times, we will get assignments that require the student to write an argument essay. It is common for these essays to be written as a part of your assignment for that particular subject matter. However, it helps a lot to know the type of essays you are required to write in your school, and you’ll submit recommendable papers.

As usual, the topic of the essay is very crucial for the team. Please don’t go by the suggestion as most tutors will advise. Seek your instructor’s guidelines before choosing a topic for your essay.

Different Categories of Argument Essays

Some of the common kinds of argument essays that students encounter include:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Expository essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Summary essays
  • Statistical essays
  • Expository essay

Most of these essays are required of you to write your assessment based on the main argument of the paper. Therefore, they are all very vital when it comes to composing your essay and research in it. They can also determine the scores of the academic writing.

Structure of an Argument Essay

The structure of an argumentative essay will vary from one individual to another depending on their personal preferences. However, below are the common kind of essay structures:


Your essay’s introduction is the most crucial thing in writing. It determines your overall score of the writing and whether it gets approved by your instructor. Therefore, it should be precise and clear. Always include a title that will give away your writing’s topic without copying it from your previous essays.


Your writing should have a clear flow when presenting the main points of your essay. Each point should have an active and passive voice. Therefore, you’ll have a list of supporting arguments that were not present in the title. These are the starting point for your writing. Also, include a transitional phrase that will direct the reader to the next point in the body section.


It is a summary of your argument essay. A summary of an argument essay means that you should present your main points and link it with your target audience. Also, it helps to express how the main points will be useful to the reader. Therefore, you can summarize it in a few words.


It will include the sources used when writing your argument essay. Remember, you must cite all the sources used in your writing. When writing a bibliography, ensure that you also include the page numbers. Doing so will enable the reader to use the links that were provided in the bibliography and locate the main points in your argument essay.

Do you need tips to guide you when writing your argument essay?

Read a lot. The more you read the paper, the better. Doing so will enable you to understand the required format and structure for your paper. Besides, you’ll also get a better overview of all the crucial aspects of essay writing. Remember, it is crucial to countercheck your essay before submitting it to your teacher.

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